Magmaus Container Padlock

The Magmaus Heavy Duty Padlocks are made to fit our 'Container Lockboxes' and as they are acid tested, they are made to last all year round! This specific padlock comes with 3 keys, and are ideal for a more cost-effective solution compared to our 'Cisa Container Padlock' Contact us now to secure yours today.


Full Description

  • Acid-tested for rust protection in all seasons and made to last the life of the container.
  • A patented anti-theft lock cylinder makes it secure against lock picking and drilling
  • 3 Abloy-type keys per lock which are unique to 1 in 50,000
  • Perfect size for fitting under 20ft, 40ft shipping container lockbox
  • Made from 304-grade stainless steel that can withstand over 4,000kg of force.
  • How to Use - Ensure the rings inside the cylinder are aligned. If the rings are not aligned, use the key tip to push through the rings, until they are symmetrical. Fully insert the key through the cylinder, then rotate 180 degrees clockwise to release the shackle. Place the lock on the application of your choice, close the shackle and rotate the key 180 degrees anti-clockwise to lock. Remove the key from the cylinder

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