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Shipping containers for overseas shipping purposes

At Containers 4 Sale UK, we have high-quality shipping containers for both personal and business use, as well as national and international shipping. Whether you need a 20ft shipping container or a 40ft shipping container for storing or shipping your goods, Containers 4 Sale UK can help. Having a large network of nationwide depots in the UK, we are able to deliver to any location on the mainland of the UK. The shipping containers we offer come with a valid CSC plate, making them suitable for international shipping. Contact our sales team today if you would like more information on ordering yours.

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The Benefits of Shipping Containers

Our range of 40ft and 20ft shipping containers can offer you the following benefits:

  • Having shipping containers on hand allows you to meet all transportation requirements for your business. Whether you require a 40ft or 20ft shipping container, having one readily available will give you the ease of mobility for your goods.
  • Shipping containers come ready-made and can serve all your transportation needs upon delivery. You can immediately begin loading goods for transport across the country or overseas.

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Types of Containers We Offer

  • Shipping containers – We offer a selection of 40ft and 20ft shipping containers for sale and hire suitable for storage and international shipping purposes.
  • Storage containers – Available new and used, our storage containers are multi-purpose and can be used for any number of onsite storage purposes.
  • Refrigerated containers – Perfect for keeping food and other perishable goods cold during storage and transportation.
  • High cube containers – For large and tall items, high cube containers offer additional storage height.
  • Tunnel containers – These containers have access via both ends, making loading and unloading a much easier option.
  • Side access containers – For bulkier items that need careful unloading, side access containers offer the easiest way to access the entire container.

To find out how we can help you get the shipping container you need, contact us today. Additionally, we offer refrigerated, non-op, high cube, and other types of containers. Feel free to browse our website or use the form below to get in touch!

A large selection of new one trip & used containers for nationwide hire or sale

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