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A Large Selection of 20ft Storage Containers to Buy or Rent

With Containers 4 Sale, you’ll find a variety of 20ft storage containers for sale or rent, including new and used containers. With outstanding delivery lead times and a variety of other services available throughout the UK, our 20ft storage shipping containers are the perfect choice for organisations needing additional, temporary, or permanent storage space. In addition to their versatility, these multi-purpose containers can be stacked, outfitted for specific uses, and available in a range of colours.

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Our New ‘One Trip’ Containers

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Our Used Containers

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The Benefits of 20ft Storage Shipping Containers

There are several advantages to choosing from our 20ft storage shipping container selection:

  • Designed for travel in heavy rain, waves, and storms, these containers are extremely robust and water resistant.
  • These containers keep all contents well protected from sunlight which could cause them to warp and fade over time.
  • From time-to-time storage facilities can become infested with insects, spiders, and rats. However, these containers are designed to keep pests at bay.
  • Containers such as these are extremely adaptable and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Add windows and shelving to convert them into office space. They can also be used to store tools and supplies.
  • Having a container on site will ensure greater protection from break-ins and tampering if you have extremely valuable contents.
  • In comparison with other storage facilities, containers are more cost-effective and provide a high level of security and protection.
  • The ability to ship these containers to any destination makes them an easy and convenient storage solution for your contents.

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Full Description

New ‘one trip’ storage containers

These containers are one trip or one way shipped from the Far East, this means they have carried one cargo only to transport them into the UK.

They are as standard in blue or green and have slim line lock boxes fitted as standard, they are suitable for shipment or storage. New storage containers come as standard with 5 years of CSC plate validity from the date of manufacture.

As they have carried one cargo they may have slight dents or scratches which is industry standard and due to lifting and handling. They are multi vented and of the highest specification in the marketplace.

Used storage containers

Used storage containers normally come in the original shipping line colours or livery. They are sold next off the stack and come in a variety of colours. They will have some dents and rust patches and are normally aged between 9 and 15 years. Container life expectancy approx. 25 years. They are guaranteed wind and watertight.


  • 20ft in length
  • Standard height 8” 6’ or 9” 6’ inches referred to as high cubes
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight eg fully weatherproof
  • Suitable for general-purpose storage of all goods
  • Highly secure and suitable for all applications
  • Heavy-duty flooring marine ply wooden flooring
  • Ventilated to aid in the reduction of condensation


20ft Storage Container:

External Dimensions: Width: 8′ | Height: 8′ 6″ | Length: 20′ 0″

Internal Dimensions: Width: 7′ 8″ | Height: 7′ 10″ | Length: 19′ 4″

20ft High Cube Storage Container:

External Dimensions: Width: 8′ | Height: 9′ 6″ | Length: 20′ 0″

Internal Dimensions: Width: 7′ 8″ | Height: 9′ 5″ | Length: 19′ 4″

Types of Containers We Offer

  • Shipping containers – We rent and offer a selection of 40- and 20-foot shipping containers for shipment and storage worldwide.
  • Storage containers – We offer new and used storage containers ranging in size from 6 to 40 feet for onsite storage needs.
  • Refrigerated containers – The use of refrigeration containers is vital for storing and transporting perishable goods like food and other items that need to be kept cool.
  • High cube containers – Storage height is achieved with high cube containers, which are designed to accommodate large or tall products.
  • Tunnel containers – Since tunnel containers have access on both ends, loading and unloading is much easier.
  • Side access containers – Containers with side access provide the best method of reaching the whole container for large items that must be carefully emptied.

In case you have any questions about how we can assist you in obtaining the storage container you need, do not hesitate to contact us or fill out the form above. All of our containers are available for both hire or sale options.

A large selection of new one trip & used containers for nationwide hire or sale

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