After you’ve made a considerable investment in a new storage shipping container keeping your container safe and secure is essential for extending its usable life. Here are some of the ways you can properly store your shipping containers to make the most of your investment.

1. Make an Inventory List

Make a list of all the items you plan on storing in the shipping container as well as where they are located inside. Try to keep items that are regularly used near the entrance for easy access whenever needed.

2. Inspect the Structure

Check for any dents in the structure or scratches in the paint and repair them as soon as possible. If left untreated rainwater could get in and damage the contents while the surrounding structure could corrode.

3. Lubricate the Doors

To make certain your container remains viable you need to check that the doors continue to function properly. Clean the hinges regularly and keep them lubricated with WD-40. This will ensure the doors remain free from rust or grime that may hinder movement.

4. Replace Faulty Seals

close up of container lock with security seal

In order to keep the contents of the container safe from external damage the seals and gaskets need to be working perfectly. Check them every 10 years or so to see if they have become worn down over time then replace them if necessary.

5. Check for any Modifications

Some repurposed containers will have been modified from their original design and may have been cut down or welded to another container. Inspect these areas to verify that they have been professionally welded and repainted as well as made rust proof to ensure the container’s viability.

6. Keep the Container Away from Extreme Conditions

Try to keep your container out of the sun and in a shady area. Also, try to keep it away from humid areas or salty air which could corrode the structure of the container. Use humidifiers, ventilators or moisture traps to prevent moisture build-up, and make sure the refrigeration unit is working correctly if included.

7. Keep the Container Secure

Your container needs to be kept in a secure area with limited accessibility. Depending on the value of the contents, consider some container accessories such as heavy duty locks, perimeter fencing, video surveillance and an alarm system with motion sensors.

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