On Tuesday 19th July 2022, England experienced its hottest temperature ever recorded, and with that came a mighty blaze, which stormed through Wennington, Havering, and many more surrounding areas, causing many homes, fields, cars, and natural habitats to burn to a cinder. Despite being located adjacent to a fire station the inferno had spread too quickly for any solution, within minutes the fires were uncontrollable.

This left devastation and destruction, many people were homeless and ill-supplied but C4S saw this as an opportunity to provide aid and assistance to our local community via means of a shipping container!

We got in contact with Charlotte at Wennington farm stables, who had been deeply affected by the fires, In which all storage facilities, food, and shelter, were destroyed.

We offered a free-of-charge container including delivery to assist the stables with their rebuild, the container was expertly delivered by Rickabin rentals, and the team at the stables was delighted with the donation.

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