How to Avoid Shipping Container Scams

Since 2008, the C4S Team has been supplying shipping containers throughout the years, anywhere in the UK! However, as time progresses, online container scams are proving more common, and much more advanced. This blog will guide you on how to stay on the safe side when it comes to the shipping container industry.

Know who you’re dealing with!

We are Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd. You can verify who we are by using a website like Companies House –! You can use this official government website to find out; a company’s establishment date, registered office address, current directors, and much more! One of the main factors is how long the company has been up and running. The longer a company has been established, it usually would verify that you’re dealing with a legitimate business, but the checks don’t stop there!

Get in touch!

Most companies have a generic email address on their website, which usually matches the domain of the site you’re on. In our case, our website is – and our emails all end with, which clearly matches up. All good businesses will have a contact number, normally at the top of the website. A simple 5-minute phone call will allow you to gauge a better understanding of the company and get answers to any queries you may have.

Check reviews.

Reviews and testimonials are extremely important. A well-established company will have some sort of review platform, or testimony page on their website to show customers feedback they have received. Official platforms, like Google or, have an internal tracking system that verifies the reviews that are submitted, which gives the potential customer a better insight into the company and the level of service they provide.

If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is!

The container industry is very tightknit and adheres to competitive pricing on like-for-like products. Therefore, should you receive pricing that is significantly under the current going rate, it should raise some alarm bells, and further checks should be carried out. At C4S, we ask for full payment upfront. In previous scam cases, the customer is asked to pay a deposit, or 50% of the outstanding balance, which is then sent to the scammer, and this is usually followed by blocking your phone number and/or email address.

Our Official Details:

Generic email addresses:

Landline Number:

01708 558999

Please note, if you receive any correspondence or have gone onto any Website, that differs from the above, this is highly unlikely to be us. – On the rare occasion you do need to verify it is us, please relate back to the details above.

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