One of the best things about shipping containers is how versatile they are. While a container may be primarily used for shipping cargo worldwide, that doesn’t have to be where its usefulness ends. Containers can be repurposed into a wide range of makeshift buildings, furniture, and other useful structures.

Here are five ways you can convert your old shipping containers into new and exciting features.

1. Affordable Housing

One of the most popular ways containers have been repurposed is for quick and easy low-cost housing. Containers are sturdy and durable structures and can be easily converted into new housing that can last for years or as a temporary housing solution. An example includes Tempohousing which has created a unique student campus in Amsterdam out of stacked converted containers as well as a homeless shelter in Brighton.

Another example is Urban Rigger which has taken previously used shipping containers in Copenhagen and converted them into comfortable and roomy student accommodations.

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2. Pop-Up Businesses

Another popular use when it comes to converting old containers into new structures is by turning them into new pop-up businesses. These ventures can be placed anywhere space is available and completely transform the area. Some ideas for pop-up businesses include cafes, boutique clothing and bars.

An example of this is Superdry, which has opened several pop-up stores across the UK using converted containers. Pop-up containers are also a great choice for temporary locations such as festivals and markets and can be easily repurposed and repainted should another business decide to use them.

3. Swimming Pools

Containers are a great alternative to the traditional form of fibreglass swimming pool found in many gardens across the country. Not only are container pools quick and easy to set up, but they have a rust-proof outer shell designed to last a long time. Shipping container pools can be set up anywhere on your property with no digging or major excavation work required.

Check out the pool liners offered by Aquaflex, complete with extras like lighting, filters, and heat pumps to see these pools in action. Best of all, you can easily shift your pool or repurpose it if you plan to move or no longer need it.

4. Refurbished Furniture

While containers can be converted into useful structures, any scraps left over can also be given a new lease of life. Furniture made from container scraps offers a unique and durable alternative to other furniture options. Tables, chairs, desks, and benches are some of the furniture pieces that can be made from repurposed container scraps.

A Brazilian company “Contain [It]” has taken container scraps and converted them into everything from lounge chairs to desk lamps. The options are endless!

5. Sturdy Sheds

Sheds made from refurbished containers offer a much sturdier alternative to traditional woodsheds. Whether you plan on using it for storing tools and equipment or for growing your plants, container sheds have many functions in the garden. Using containers for sheds means you won’t be affected by decay or mould, plus there is no assembly or maintenance required. Containers also provide better security than wooden sheds, so you won’t have to worry about possible break-ins.

Take a look at the garden studios made by the Grass Roof Company for great examples of how well this can work.


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