Who invented the shipping container?

The shipping container was invented by American transport entrepreneur, Malcolm Purcell McLean, also known as “The Father of Containerization”. He wanted a way to revolutionize the way we move goods in an efficient,  controlled manner, but also allow shipments on a large scale.

What is the largest container company in the world?

The largest container company is shared by both Maersk and the Mediterranean Shipping Company, both have around 4.3 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit), and both have approximately 700 ships each!

What is the largest shipping container port in Europe?

The port of Rotterdam, Netherlands, is the largest European port. The port deals with around 30,000 incoming vessels every year, with around 14.5 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) per annum! It creates over 350,000 jobs, is branded one of the smartest ports, and is known as “the port of the future”

What is the largest shipping container port in the world?

The port of Shanghai, China, is the largest container port in the world! In 2019, shanghai port handled approximately 43 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit). The port has been operating since 1842, located in the Yangtze river delta, it is connected to multiple Chinese provinces.

Where are shipping containers made?

Over 85% of the world’s shipping containers are made in China, this is due to the low steel rate and low labor costs. This is also extremely convenient for container companies like us! These units are made in the factory, loaded with 1 shipment, and shipped to their desired location, from there the load is emptied, and they are available for sale, hence the use of the terminology ‘one trip’.

What is the biggest container ship in the world?

The largest container ship in the world is Evergreen’s Ever Alot, the ship is 400 metres long and 61.5 metres wide, has a draft of 17 metres, and can carry up to 24,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit)!

How much of the world’s imports and exports are moved by shipping containers?

95% of the world’s goods are moved by container, from the shirt you wear to the shoes on your feet! Without containers, we wouldn’t have the supplies we have today, it has truly changed the way the world works and has opened up global trading on another level.

What can shipping containers be used for?

Shipping containers aren’t just used for moving goods. They are used to make homes, a quick storage solution, and with the customization potential, organizations have been making bespoke, high quality, and durable designs for years, from pools and saunas to garages and summer houses.

What can you fit in a 20ft shipping container?

You can fit in a shipping container the following: 48,000 bananas – 400 Tvs – 200 full-sized mattresses – 2 small cars – half a million eggs – 4000 shoeboxes – 1000 25kg bags of cement!

What is the largest container you can buy?

The largest container you can source is a 60ft long unit, they are extremely rare and predominantly sold in America. The reason why there are no 60ft units in the UK and Europe is that the roads are unsuitable to ascertain the vehicle size required to deliver the unit.

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