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Tunnel Containers

Do you need a tunnel container?

Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd, offer a wide range of Tunnel Containers (Also known as Tunnel Tainer), available new & used, in 20ft and 40ft sizes.

These Tunnel Containers are classed as a special build container and non-standard, therefore they are generally considerably more expensive than a standard double end door shipping container. They are however extremely versatile offering entry from either end, both ends being fully lockable. They are often used in on-site storage, also known as self-storage with a partition manufactured in the centre offering 2 fully divided 10ft storage units.

Normal specification of Tunnel Containers

  • 20ft or 40ft in length
  • Used Tunnel container or new one way shipped Tunnel Container
  • External dimensions 20ft long or 40ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6ins high
  • Standard containerised double doors at both ends
  • Suitable for shipment or storage – if shipping please advise when we quote
  • Tare Weight 2,380 kg
  • Maximum load 28,325 kg
  • Marine plywood flooring
  • Multi-purpose, ideal for self-storage and easy loading at both ends