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Motion Sensor Lights (Price Per Light)

Availability: In Stock

Price: £58.80

2 or more £50.40
3 or more £45.60
4 or more £41.70

Our motion sensor shipping container lights are incredibly bright and handy. They are rechargeable - which saves money and time buying batteries. Recharged via micro USB lead in 4 – 6 hours, with light usage this can provide 3 months of use without needing to be charged. Battery life depends on how often lights are activated.

Our shipping container lights come fitted with a 120-degree motion sensor that will be activated from 10ft/3metres away from the light. It is recommended to use 1 light to see 10ft in the container, so for example for a 20ft container, you will need a minimum of 2 lights, a 40ft container you will need a minimum of 4 lights.

These lights are easily removable and easy to install. They have a 3m sticky back which can be stuck to a surface, they are also magnetic (again, perfect for containers!) This is the cheapest solution for lighting within shipping containers, these are a critical health and safety tool. As these are magnetic and they have a sticky option, these can be used anywhere.

There is also an option to keep these continuously on. Perfect to keep in a van, shed, caravan, cupboard, and so much more! Please message us if you have any questions.

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