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ISO Loading Ramp

Availability: In Stock

Price: £330.00

Loading a container has never been so easy!

ISO ramp offers easy, safe loading and offloading into a storage container.  The Isoramp is very well made and strong, with a weight capacity of up to a huge 450KG which is ideal for loading heavier pallets with a pallet truck. Made from 4.5 mm durbar and finished with a nonslip coating for ease of use and most importantly safety. Our ramps are designed for manual handling only not powered access by fork trucks. Compatible with 8 ft, 10 ft, 20 ft, 40, ft shipping containers and all variations of ISO container design.

What makes “Isoramp” unique is its simplicity, in that it just drops straight over the bottom door keeps on any standard ISO container. Ideal for self storage facilities, construction sites and commercial operations using containers for additional space. Could also be used for personal affects such as loading bikes into sheds etc. Once used can be easily be stowed securely inside your container for future use. A simple and unique product giving  you a solution to an age old problem without breaking the bank.

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