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ISO Lever

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Stiff doors – a typical trait for used containers. If you opt for a used container as opposed to new, our ISO Lever is an absolute must have. Open doors freely with ease with this magnificent container tool. The door handle is encased inside the lever so that it is not damaged during the opening process. In 99% of cases when an exterior tube or bar is fitted to give more leverage the door handle bends. With “Isolever” this is not the case the door handle is protected from getting bent. Even the toughest ceased unlocking bars will free up with this tool.

How to open and close ISO shipping container doors using “Isolever”

Many people make the same mistake and try and open the wrong door or the wrong door handles. The right hand door is always the first door you have to open. This is general practice on all standard ISO Shipping Containers. Firstly spin or swivel up the custom catches, there are two on each door. You’ll notice that your container is fitted with locking bars which go top to bottom. At each end of the locking bars there is a cam and a keeper which slide in place to allow the door to lock shut. Lift up the door handles and twist slightly to make sure the cams and keepers are dis-engaged. Place your isolever over the ends of each handle, pull the inner door handle first just a short ways out then pull both handles together.

Closing the doors using the “isolever” is just doing the above actions in reverse and just before finally dropping the door handles into the custom catches remove “isolever” and drop the custom catches latches. You can use your “Isolever” as a hammer tool as well for those very troublesome door handles.“Isolever” takes away the stress of opening container doors, simple, efficient and useful gadget. Made from strong tubular steel, made to order, last and finished in any colour you want to match your shipping container.

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