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Damp Sticks (Moisture Traps) (Pairs)

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Price: £60.00

A Dampstick will combat condensation and damp in your shipping container used for storage of furniture, soft furnishings and more. The value and type of your items, the period length of storage , where the container is placed and of course your budget, will determine how much of the below information you wish to put into practice and what extras you may wish to apply. The best type of Shipping Container to use for storage is an insulated one, these can be purchased New or ex shipping line but are very expensive .The value of the insulation is the protection from ambient temperature exchange from external to internal, it is this exchange that can cause the condensation and damp. If you are storing dry goods and your container does not have at least ten vents then we recommend the following: 20ft Shipping Container: We recommend using at least two damp sticks. 40ft Shipping Container: We recommend using at least four damp sticks Please note: When selecting quantity please note that each single purchase comes as a pair – for example if your cart says 1 you have a pair of damp sticks.*

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