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New 'vs' used containers

The difference between new containers & used containers

New shipping containers and used shipping containers differ greatly, by the fact that one type Is older than the other, but there are other main differences that customers must be aware of. Please take a look at the differences between the new and used shipping containers below:

New ‘One trip’ Shipping Containers

Almost all new manufacturing of shipping containers is currently done in the far east, therefore all containers sold or hired in Europe have been one way shipped from the far east, hence the terminology one way shipped. Most new shipping containers have a life expectancy of around 25 years.

  • Multi vented to reduce the chance of condensation.
  • Ease of door opening and guarantee of many years of maintenance-free storage solutions.
  • Guaranteed colour options of blue or green, albeit larger numbers can be sourced specifically for individual customers colour/RAL code choice.
  • Free of charge already factory fitted latest slim line lockbox facility as a standard feature enabling the best security possible for your storage container.
  • All new one way shipped containers have carried one cargo from the manufacturing point in the Far East to our UK depots, hence there will be potential scratches and an odd dent etc, this is industry standard.


Used Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers normally come in the original shipping line colours or livery and have been shipped globally up until the point of sale.

  • They are sold next off the stack and come in a variety of colours, we do not guarantee any colour choice whatsoever.
  • They will have dents and rust patches and are normally aged between 9 and 15 years – the industry standard.
  • We offer no cosmetic guarantees due to age and previous working life, if you require a ‘good looking’ or almost new please purchase new build.
  • Container life expectancy is approx. 25 years, therefore used containers are considered mid-life containers.
  • Used containers are guaranteed wind and watertight for 12 months from date of delivery, assuming you use/utilize it appropriately, ie. nothing to be placed on the roof.
  • Doors may be stiff especially the left-hand door which is due to fewer openings in global transportation, wd40 or similar is advised as routine maintenance.
  • Lockbox facility is an optional extra – industry standard.
  • Less ventilation as new one way shipped.